Scent Work Classes

Puppy smelling a door mat

Scent Work Classes

Novice Scent Work Class – Allow your dog to use his most powerful sense – smell! This class will work on the foundation for canine Scent Work using essential oils. Scent Work classes covered will be container, interior, exterior (during nice weather), and handler discrimination. You will be taught to recognize your dog’s cue to you that he has found the scent, which can be hidden in either a box or container. Students should be prepared to be in this class multiple sessions. Class size limited to 6 students, no exceptions.

Advanced Scent Work Class – This class will address more advanced AKC levels. Students registering for this class must have PASSED the Novice class or by consent of the instructor. Class size limited to 6 students, no exceptions.

About Us

  • Dauphin Dog Training Club, Inc. (DDTC) is a not-for-profit American Kennel Club affiliated obedience club, founded in 1956 by a small group of dog enthusiasts who wanted to meet with other dog owners to train dogs and promote goodwill among all dog lovers.
  • We strive to train owners to train their dogs.


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